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Developing School Gardens in Hoi An
From 2015, Action for the City started to develop school gardens in Hoi An in order to create a green spaces as well as educate children about organic farming and the important role of nature.

  From 2015, with the support by different donors (Irish Aid, IUCN and Loving Work Foundation), Action for the City worked together with local youth and students from different universities (Da Nang, Hue, Nha Trang) to set up and maintatin 5 schools gardens in Hoi An. These gardens were located in Cam Thanh Kindergarten, Cam Thanh and Ly Tu Trong 1&2 Primary Schools, Huynh Thi Luu Secondary School. All gardens was designed not only for harvest fresh and clean vegetables for school meals but also to create a educational space for children to learn about nature, native plants and organic farming.


Picture 1: School Garden in Huynh Thi Luu Secondary School

Picture 2: Volunteers from Loving Work Foundation supported to set up school garden

During setting up and maintaining these gardens, Action for the City has received a great support from the Board of these schools teachers, parents, international and local volunteer... to set up a creative and muti-function gardens with local materials (bamboo, coconut leaves...) and plants. 
 In the school year of 2016, two classes in Cam Thanh Kindergarten and two classes (grade 6) from Huynh Thi Luu Secondary school  started to learn about gardening and local herbs in their school gardens. 

Picture 3: Gardening lesson in Ly Tu Trong Primary School 

 With the first successful of developing school gardens in Hoi An, Action for the City continues to collaborate with different stakeholders to expand this model as well as build capacity for teacher and youth to intergrate and develop an Educational Program for children at their happy school gardens.



Developing School Gardens in Hoi An