Trang Chủ
The “Green Living” Experience with eco-tour at Trac Van organic farm
On 14 December 2014, Trac Van organic farmer group cheerfully welcomed the first arrival of tourists in the organic tour program. This tour program is carried out by Trac Van organic farmers, supported by local women’s unions, Action for the city (ACCD) and Vietnam VINAGAP Co., Ltd. (also known as Rau Bac Tom)

 About 40 tourists, including adults and children, have known and participated in the tour. Despite the length of a day, the tour has been successfully completed its mission to connect consumers of organic vegetables to organic farmers, help them to know more about organic agriculture, and boost consumer confidence.

The main activity of this program is visiting Trac Van organic farm. Tourists found out about organic agriculture, and Trac Van organic model and famer group through farmers’ introduction and response to their enquiries.

Additionally, tourists experienced farming work with farmers. Both adults and children were absolutely fascinated and excited about harvesting veggies, such as tomatoes, string beans, sugar beets, etc., and planting vegetable sprouts. Going back the farmer’s house, delicious lunch with organic veggies right from the farm help tourist recharge to visit guava garden and dairy farm in the afternoon.

After getting off the tour bus, tourists still promised to participate in this program once more time. This has made not only Trac Van organic farmers, but also tour support officers feel completely contended. The consumer support will motivate significantly famers to maintain their attempt in developing organic agriculture and eco-tour program.

We look forward the upcoming interesting and useful tours at at Trac Van organic farm.
Picture 1: Harvest vegetables at organic farm

Picture 2: A little girl like to harvest daikons
The “Green Living” Experience with eco-tour at Trac Van organic farm