Trang Chủ
“Green Living” Program at Hanoi Educational Technology Primary School
To carry on successes of the program at local secondary school in Hanoi and Hoi An city, Action for the City (ACCD) has implemented the “Green Living” program participated by pupils at at Hanoi Educational Technology Primary School. This is an educational program to constitute children’s perspective and behaviors towards environmental conservation through the interactive learning method.

 In the program, the pupils, who are in grade 1 and 2, have been introduced to topics, including reducing garbage, saving energy, and conserving trees. Pupils are absolutely excited at familiar topics in their daily life. Especially, they have also been instructed to work in groups and activities to protect the environment, such as recycling, planting or saving energy.

Our teaching method is mainly based on the interaction between pupils and teachers, and among pupil. Additionally, the program content has been designed to be suitable and appropriate for the psychology of primary pupils. Teachers play a role of the instructor who introduce topics to pupils and encourage them to discuss with each other. Pupils can also choose their favorite activities.


One of the factors that lead to the success of our program is the considerable support of the school administrators and teachers. The principal, Miss. Truong Thi Cam Tu, has been present at class, shared her teaching experience and given her comment to the ACCD officers to increase the attraction and effectiveness of the “Green Living” lessons for primary pupils


There will be an upcoming event for the pupils to carry out “Green Living” projects by themselves and participate in the “Green Living” festival held in collaboration between Action for the City and Hanoi Educational Technology Primary School. We look forward to seeing which projects the pupils will bring about and their festival. 

“Green Living” Program at Hanoi Educational Technology Primary School