Trang Chủ
Training farmers in skills to organize farm tour
On 29 October 2014, Action for the City (ACCD) held a training class for organic farmers about in skills to organize organic farm tour in Trac Van commune, Duy Tien district, Ha Nam province.


The training class was held in collaboration between Action for the City (ACCD) and local Women’s Union in Trac Van commune and Duy Tien district. Objectives of this class are to train farmers in skills and process to host an organic farm tour.

By interactive training method, 24 trainees who are organic farmers in Trac Van commune discussed and built projects to develop organic farm tour. One in the important feature of this training class is that organic farmer in Trac Van commune had an opportunity to interact and exchange experiences with organic farmer in Bai Thuong village, Soc Son province who are experienced in organizing organic farm tours.

A trainee, Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuy, shared her feelings after training, ‘I found this training class very useful. Once we concentrated mainly on growing vegetables, but didn’t come up with the idea of organizing organic farm tours. I hope this kind of tour will both help farmers increase our income, and give us chances to interact with customers to build their belief in organic vegetables.’

After the training class, Action for the City (ACCD) hopes organic farmers in Trac Van commune will be more confident and fully prepared to welcome the first customers visiting their organic farm.

Picture 1: Trainee shared their farm's activities

Picture 2: Sharing between farmers in Soc Son and Trac Van

Training farmers in skills to organize farm tour