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Global Action Plan (GAP)
Global Action Plan (GAP) was founded in the US in 1989 and is now established in 14 countries including Vietnam (with Action for the City). Throughout the 1990s, each Global Action Plan organization explored various approaches to environmental behavior changes.

GAP aims to provide practical tools to build and strengthen sustainable communities by empowering local people to make a difference in their local areas socially, economically and environmentally. GAP does this by encouraging environmental responsibility and behavioral changes through projects which are developed in response to local environmental needs and requirements.

Through Action Team projects, Global Action Plan provides people with resources and support to reduce their impact on the environment by promoting simple lifestyle changes. The initiative recognizes that community groups and individuals accomplish some of the most significant environmental work at local level. With this in mind, whether living in a rural community or urban area, GAP’s Action Team Projects strive to meet the diverse needs of the community.

Action for the City is a member of GAP International, and is its only representative in Vietnam. GAP also provides technical assistance to Action for the City in the project “Neighborhood Empowerment in Ha Noi”. The Neighborhood Empowerment Program was experienced and implemented by GAP since 1990 in over twenty countries such as: Sweden, Ireland, Ukraine.... Beside the programs for households and communities, GAP also designs programs for workplaces and schools in order to change behavior more sustainably.

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